JOHN DRAKE is Chief Strategy Officer @ Drake Cooper


My scratch pad blog about advertising, marketing, brand strategy and creativity for businesses-related things. It's where my own thoughts go so I can call them back up sometime, or think things through better.


I've worked in advertising and brand planning my entire career. Agencies have included: Deutsch LA, WONGDOODY and Dailey & Associates. Brands have included: Nestlé, Disney, DIRECTV, SunAmerica, eCompanies, Mitsubishi Motors, Microsoft, Carl's Jr., Baskin-Robbins, Tillamook Cheese, UCLA, The Resort at Pelican Hill, Boeing and PATH.

I also edit the ACME Ad Studio, an ongoing showcase of today's best advertising. I've tried to make that for anyone who enjoys good ads, whether they work in the industry or not.

While I'm the same guy here as I am in the office, the ideas expressed here are indeed my own, not those of Drake Cooper’s. But if you’d like to read those of Drake Cooper’s, please visit: