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While I will admit that I have printed out the Crispin employee handbook for inspiration, I have not read it. I have followed the successful run that the agency has been on for quite some time and it does seem like they have a competitive work ethic and a natural spirit to do their very best for every client. Like all good competitors, once you win and get the taste you never want to be on the losing end. I'm sure that helps light the fire every time they get up to the plate.

But, I have to wonder - are they successful in new business because they work harder than everyone else, or are they winning these big new pitches because they are the NOW agency? There is tremendous hype surrounding their every move and if I was a company looking to hire an agency I would see the benefits of being on board their train as a way to add coverage to my marketing investment. They have a swagger and a confidence that can convince the smartest marketers that they can do no wrong. And whether their strategy is on target or not, it is hard not to be a believer when you consider their current brand status. They are the most talked about agency in our industry right now and unfortunately that gives them an advantage that it impossible to defeat - no matter how hard you work.

That spirit is hard to maintain when everyone is telling you that you are the greatest. The big question is - Are they going to be like Britney or Tiger? Let's hope they continue to be "Tiger Woods" like and keep up their pace because it does make everyone else around them work that much harder to be better.

AJ, a good thought. Personally, regarding the NOW agency, I definitely think that helps, especially when creating the short list. How do you NOT put them on the list of contenders for a review? You almost have to because they are so hot. Then it comes down to conversion, which they've proven they're great at. I'm with you on hoping for the Tiger Woods.

I really enjoyed this blog because it strikes a deep chord with me. Everyone wishes that it were something else that made Crispin as successful as they are. What's easy to forget is that in 2000, almost no one had heard of them. They didn't have any big accounts. It was hard work, really smart creative ideas (Mini, Molson beer labels, etc), and a little luck. Yes, the fact they are the NOW agency helps them today, but it's not what made them the NOW agency.

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