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einhorn and finkel totally made me crack up!

the funny thing about all these sites is that unless you're deliberately seeking out info on what people who are NOT in your demo/age group and NOT into the same interests you are are using them for, you won't even realize that not everyone uses them like you do.

the reason facebook has all those kiddie apps is because until until just earlier this year like 99% of the people on it were in (or joined when they were in) college or high school (you used to need a .edu email address to even be able to join). then they opened it up everyone, and then later to developers. and that's when all of a sudden all the folks in the loudmouth online scene gravitated towards it and started making all this noise about it which became so inflated porecisely because this thing is targetted to all the loudmouths. after the technologists came the marketers and strategists, and suddenly middle aged folks who'd read about the how useful facebook could be in a "strategy" were signing up and friending their teenage kids, who were freaking the fuck out cuz as far as they knew this was a place just for THEM, and now all of a sudden their parents were invading their private space.

none of the high school demo is thinking about facebook in a way that's anything LIKE what the adults are. it's essentially just another place for them to "hang out" online with their friends. it may not be a "rock club" but it's kind of like the back of the 7-11 parking lot.

that all having been said, i definitely think that all these social network sites will become "channels" for cultural content. all the time people are spending with myspace is time they could potentially be enticed to be watching "programming." and i think the same hodls true for facebook or anything else that peolpe are spending time on, which at the moment is a lot of social netwrok sites.

jenka, nice. good thoughts. love the analogy of the back of the 7-11 parking lot. it's important for board rooms and marketing meetings to not over-think these things. "it's another place to hang out" as you said. an excellent choice of words that needs to be embraced and not over-analyzed.

this is a great overview on the subject of social networking sites. i appreciate the way you categorized and labeled both options. keep teaching an old dog new tricks.

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