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A couple of thoughts on John's thoughts:

Thought #1: How can we participate in the poll or comment on their TV ad buy without knowing their business and marketing strategies and their short and long term goals? Too often we speak our mind, judge and offer an opinion without knowing the full story. It is fun, but I gotta believe that this approach was thought out long before they started seeing a down trend in customer visits.

Thought #2: Just because Starbucks is a famous brand domestically doesn't mean they don't have to continue to try and stay top of mind, remind us why they are special and keep us from taking them for granted. Starbucks is now faced with heavy competition that they haven't had to deal with before and must consider all media to win the battle. Your marketing strategy should be based on current market conditions not on what you have or have not done in the past.

Thought #3: Even when they do dabble in a traditional medium like TV, Starbucks finds a way to do it a little different. Using animation without any spoken words in the spots is not the norm. To me, that makes them special even when the play with the masses.

Thought #4: Starbucks has tons of money and I can't imagine this little TV buy is going to keep them from implementing a global strategy. Let's hope that is on the table, but if you don't continuously add components to retain your biggest advocates as they start to wander, then you will lose big even with a great global plan. If they would have ignored this trend we would have all condemned them for not keeping their eye on the ball.

Actually, I just wanted to disagree with JD.

Pass the Cheer.

these are, obviously, great thoughts. a quick note on #3: i love this about that brand. if it all came down to one thing for starbucks, it's the complete experience of that justifies $3.27 for several ounces. that's what we're paying for. and the brand has done a great job at creating an experience within mass media. a very key thought and they are special when they play in the masses. key.

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