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now you're speaking a language i can hear.

Tool does not like to post any of their stuff on i-tunes, or with Verizon for ringtones. not sure why, just the way they are. Maynard has been changing the last few years, and with his newest incarnation, Puscifer (puscifer.com), they post all kinds of songs to listen to, but not download. its a step in the right direction.

horses is great. silversun quickly became a musical crush of mine. and i agree with your overall statement. let the big name bands "hold out". i already have all the albums on my-pod anyway.

which leads me to this. there are phenominal "undiscovered" bands that litter my-pod. some have dissentigrated, but they have made way for a fresh new sounds. example: The Black Moods... now Let Go, and Violet Wild. all have myspace pages.

these guys work their butts off for that chance they will end up on a recommend list somewhere and make their dreams come true.

we may have just done that.

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