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that was so incredibly fascinating! thanks for turning me on to those interview videos. i just watched them both. really cool stuff! (plus, having once managed a circus, i totally vibe on the whole p.t. barnum as hero concept ;) ).

to overlook advertising's role in influencing culture is, indeed, to miss all the fun. there's a great faith popcorn quote that i rip off all the time, "culture is the new media." and it's also not one standard "pop culture," but the different "channels" of all sorts of different lifestyles. this is where the transmission of the values, aesthetics, ideals, etc. that define identity and community come from.

for a brand to *create* culture is to become a part of that transmission itself.

i actually wrote a bit on the topic here:


altho after watching those videos, i'm getting ideas for a whole new level of beadth of the application of this concept.

and by the way.... while whether or not sneakerheads actually create pop culture is debatable, that they do not do it in a vaccum outside of the influence of the brand is certain:


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