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you are so right. and you have a great mind to be able to wonder like that. this is one of those where everyone is going to agree with you, but they will ask themselves - why couldn't i think of that?

It's gonna be "Color me Bad" - they were WAY ahead of their time. OK, seriously, my vote for 2020 is to just have a late 70's holographic projection of Tom Petty - and since weed will be legal by then, it will be cool to play a MP3 (HiFi MP3 by 2020 I hope) of Last Dance with Mary Jane. Hey, maybe they could re-enact the video with Kim Bassinger's (sp?) actual dead body. Wow, that was inappropriate. sry

i actually remember listening to a bit on npr where someone was talking about how it is no longer possible for new musical acts to expect to make a living being real rockstars like back in the day. the audience for any one act is now smaller than it was before, because there are so many choices and niches. it's impossible to expect to become the next rolling stones anymore.

however, i think gnarls barkley is an interesting example for that kind of "unifying" act that you were talkign about. the first time i heard "crazy" was on kcrw. then it went to indie, and then after that, it was on EVERY single radio station, from power (hiphop) to kroq (rock), to star (adult contemporary)!

i think that's the potential for the mass entertainers now.... it has to work extra hard to cross all those genre barriers, as opposed to just be really good at being it's own genre.

"crazy" is an excellent point. that thing crossed all lines and unified. a tough thing for an artist to do today, but possible.

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