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Great advice John. If you don't mind, I'd like to cross-post it on the Idaho Ad Agencies blog.

Thanks! Absolutely, man... please feel free to cross-post.

Thanks for the advice, John! Again, you are such a motivation. Do you know of anywhere to apply in Moscow, ID?

Great and true words. Thanks for the article.

You're welcome, Cassie. Thanks for reading and thanks for the comment.

If your looking for help getting in to the industry I used these guys. They are called the Young Creative Council. They had a portfolio night where I met a CD and he offered me a placement. They also run other events aswell.

Check em out



A question I wonder frequently, "where are places you can apply for a job in Advertising/Marketing?" This is a very helpful article about the interview process. So what about the steps to get the interview in the first place?

You should recycle this post! (i.e. repost this post). It's really good and it still had the same value. A lot of graduates will find it helpful.

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