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I think Danah Boyd has written about this a bit. She says that to kids in particular celebrity is like the ultimate freedom. If you're famous and rich you can do anything you want, go anywhere you want, and don't have to accept anyone's rules or limitations. No doubt that's a particularly appealing idea if you're a teenageer, and faced with having to deal with a lot of rules and authority. Of course in reality fame comes with its own limitations, and tons of publicists and managers, not to mention numerous industries, dictating what freedoms celebrities can or can't have. (Like the freedom to do anything in private, for instance). But still this idea that fame conveys some kind of superhuman freedom that the non-famous cannot attain I think is also a big part of what drives our obsession with celerities.

yes! that's a great comment! sounds very true. thank you... i'll be sure to check out danah boyd.

Wait, are you saying that I am not interesting, good looking and hard not to like? Maybe "vacation boy" forgot about his So. Cal friend. I can kick Jonny Depps ass.

Donald Draper

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