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Here's another interesting use of QR codes to take note of. It seems as though Apple is making use of the technology as an aid to design.
Apple has notoriously omitted a user-replaceable battery where most companies will print the serial, IMEI, etc. The original iPhone had that information printed on the back of the phone but the newest iPhone, the 3G model does not. Generally one would be able to get the serial from the box, the receipt, iTunes (when plugged in) or the info menu of a working phone. It looks great to have a sleek shiny back on the iPhone 3G but it's a little tough to get product info if the iPhone is dead or disabled.

Apparently Apple incorporated QR codes to assist those in the know. Thanks to you John, I'm one of those now.

http://gizmodo.com/5051823/apple-iphone-3g-hides-secret-qr-codeest incarnation of the iphone

excellent. that's really interesting... had no idea that apple was using them on products. (and a great use of QR codes it appears to be.)

thanks for reading and thanks for the comment, Andrew! very cool. happy to hear the conversation around QR codes has been helpful... once you know about them it sure is exciting to see QRs pop up throughout society and learn how organizations are choosing to use them...thanks or adding to the post!

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