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i remember you're a fan of the random back from the response you left on my "controlled randomness" post about crazyblinddate.com. as i was reading this i started wondering whether all the vagueness and uncertainty we're all facing these days from politics to the economy will make people more attached to the familiar--even if it is innane--an more averse to the infusion of the random in their lives. after all, randomness implies a risk of the unknown, and when there is so much else that is unknown and troubling, will we remember that the unknown can be exciting?

a great thought! it's so hard to know where the world is going right now. i definitely think that, overall, people will lean on the side of things that are predictable. i just hope that the random isn't forgotten about or ignored because it can make things so much more fun and thought-provoking. great hearing from you!

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