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makes me miss my lip piercing. but it was time for it to go. time to find something new. :)

so, what is your wild bill - drake.?

AJ, we need to do more business together--then you'd know what it was. :)

hey, i am a fast learner. i wasn't asking because i don't know - i was asking because i wanted to assess your ability to self assess.

a couple of jd wild bill "accessories" are notorious - the blue blazer with jeans fashion statement, a paperback copy of ogilvy on advertising in your back pocket and the "what is the tone of your advertising" t shirt you like to wear to promote great creative briefing. these are a few on my "g" rated list.

i think a good community building exercise would be to have the rest of your blogging audience - let's call them your tribe - make their own list of jd wild bill accessories. we'll compare notes and have a collaborative "we love the jd brand" party.

who is next?

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