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that disconnect between making money between now and thursday, and building a brand or company focused on longevity, was really apparent to me at live nation. live nation is a publicly traded company, so how sales are doing every quarter matters, but their "product" -- i.e. bands and music acts -- doesn't respond to quarters, it's built on the span of artists' careers. couldn't be more incompatible.

I love Costco! Every time I go in their stores I always have an excellent experience. You can't tell me that isn't a reflection of how they treat their employees. I've had multiple friends that have worked for Costco as well and they've all told me that they were treated excellent. Many other companies should be taking notes. Happy employees=happy customers=more business. Pretty simple math.

live nation is a good example of this... i think the key to balancing wall street is a strong-willed CEO who is in the post for the long-term.

when this happens the job holds a higher purpose. people like jim sinegal and steve jobs appear to have this... to these folks it seems like the key decisions are made with true value to the consumer in mind. a higher calling for the longer and greater good, if you will. this obviously makes good business sense too.

embodying this probably gives them courage to dig in their heels when they feel they need to.

thanks for the comment jenka!

totally agree dylan. thanks for comment man...

when you love where you work you work harder for that company because it's personal.

i once heard that in the casual dining industry, people try a new restaurant because of the food, but they return because of the service. the service part HAD to be there or no return guest.

so: great food/bad service no repeat business. good food/good service repeat business.

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